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Have big event but not big sound?
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For all islands, the mainland, and all events, Boomshot International Sound is the right choice for sports events everytime!

  • Surfing and Wakeboarding Competitions
  • Kayak and Paddleboarding Races
  • Mountain Bike Races and Motocross
  • Skateboarding and BMX Events
  • Snowboarding Competitions and Ski Races

When your event and/or after-party need the perfect sounds to get the adrenaline flowing, the crowd jumping, and the athletes performing their best, only the right music will do. Every crowd is different and we have the collections to please any taste, any genre, any era! You can trust that the sound will be there on time and sounding perfect, and that the crowd will remember your event and tell their friends for the next time around.

Contact us for more information on how to hook-up your next sports event with Boomshot International Sound!

I grew up skateboarding, then got into snowboarding and mountain biking, so I've always been in that element of what they now call action sports, and my music collection and live performance selection reflects that.

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