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With countless hours invested in digging through record stores searching for the best of every music genre, Boomshot has built a collection that plays the range of styles. From classical, to classic rock, to hip-hop classics, to reggae's top class, DJ Boomshot can deal aces from just about any deck. So whether you need versatility, depth – or both – Boomshot has it under full control.


The realm of the DJ has gained enough recognition now that at most concerts and festivals around the world, many fans are just as interested to see and hear the performing DJs as the headlining artists! DJ Boomshot has performed in hundreds of concerts and festivals over the last decade and has shared stages and billing with just about every major currently touring reggae artist and group, numerous hip-hop, dj, turntablist showcases, and more. Don't book your next concert without credentialed DJ support before and between sets of your live bands! Don't have an opening band? DJ Boomshot can handle that too.


Birthday party, anniversary party, housewarming party, grand opening, corporate event, employee party, holiday party, poetry slams, fashion shows, art gallery showings… Whatever the occasion, no event is truly complete without music and DJ Boomshot has the selection, experience, and skill to make your next party the best it can be! No event is too big or too small. From grand ballrooms hosting award ceremonies, to outdoor events barefoot on the beach, even in your own backyard, DJ Boomshot is always the right choice.

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