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Boomshot International Sound is the company
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for the Hawaiian Islands and Beyond

...The first place you should, and the last place you’ll have to look for your Wedding DJ

When couples plan for one of the best days of their lives, they want to work with professionals. With a known record of friendly professionalism (please see testimonials) Boomshot knows how to keep weddings and receptions flowing, flawless, and fun! DJ Boomshot is experienced and equipped to help make your memorable day everything you've dreamed of.

With years of experience and countless weddings to his credit, DJ Boomshot (aka Jay Langworthy) prides himself in being sensitive and responsive to the wishes, needs, and desires of the bride and groom, and as necessary, the wedding coordinator, and even the wedding party on that special day.

While offering the very nicest selection of cocktail and dinner hour music, our true strength is in delivering the reception party of your life. Based on fine attention to mixing your favorite music, you'll get songs blended seamlessly together to make for some of the best dancing, drawing in younger and older alike. Imagine the dynamic play quality you'd expect from a great club DJ (minus the club attitude perhaps), add some depth and class, and there you are, right at your very own, very unforgettable reception.

"As an avid vinyl junkie and turntable purist for most of my life, I never liked the idea of dj-ing with cd players or an ipod and only incorporated a cd player with the turntables when it was absolutely necessary to fulfill all music requests. Finally the technology has emerged that allows the creative and pure mixing freedom of turntables with the unlimited music resource of mp3's (electronic music files). It's called Scratch Live and it acts as a turntable / mp3 interface. You get the convenience of virtually unlimited access to all of your music requests (not limited to what I have with me on vinyl), and I still get to keep the true art of the dj alive that only the freedom of mixing on real turntables allows. All of your music seamlessly mixed together... no cd players needed. Truly, the best of both worlds, and I've seen that it brings more to the dancefloor when I rock it from the vinyl... yes even at weddings!"

So what really sets us apart from anyone else in the DJ business is the combination of years of DJ experience with a kind disposition, professional attention to detail, and nearly encyclopedic knowledge and collection of music. It's really an unmatched combination, and one that helps make for the best weddings!

We are also happy to provide full MC services for your reception. Whatever announcements you need to be made, for instance bride & groom / wedding party introductions, first dance, cake cutting, etc., will be made for you in a friendly and professional manor.

"I will say however, that I'm careful to not overdo it on the microphone… I think too much talking tends to be, well… just a little too much"

With a full list of music available from virtually every music genre, and a real sense of how it all works together, Boomshot International Sound is sure to leave a positive lasting memory of your special day.

“I believe that couples should have the best of everything on their wedding day, so I take it as my personal duty – and honor – to make sure that at least the music portion of your wedding reception is as good as it can be”

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