We deliver the reception party of your life.

Enjoy your cocktail and dinner hour sharing memories and receiving congratulations to the backdrop of your favorite music to keep the energy up and the mood light. We closely work with you to curate a wide selection of music then expertly blend it seamlessly together to make for the best dancing experience, drawing in young and old alike. Imagine the best of a club DJ (minus the attitude!), add depth and class, and you’ve got yourself a wedding reception your friends will talk about at your 10th anniversary and beyond.

While DJ Boomshot has years of wedding reception experience, he treats each as if it’s his first. Through years of experience, DJ Boomshot (AKA Jay Langworthy), understands the key to a great reception experience is being sensitive to the wishes, needs and desires of those involved. While it’s primarily the bride and groom, it also includes, at times, the wedding coordinator and even the wedding party. He’s an expert at listening and responding. His goal is to be the easiest part of your big day and execute flawlessly.

We’re also happy to provide Emcee services for your reception. Bride and groom entrance, wedding party introductions, first dance, cutting the cake, bouquet and garter toss, etc. – we work with you and your team to determine the flow of the event handling the mic just enough to say what’s needed in a friendly, professional tone then turning the attention back to you – the stars of the show.


“As proprietor of The Perfect Wedding, it’s my responsibility to make sure that everything goes perfectly at each event. To ease my burden, I only hire the most talented, reliable and presentable vendors I can find. DJ Boomshot fits the bill. He makes my job much easier as I know I can rely on him to fulfill my clients high expectations. His “can do” attitude and kind heart along with his strong sense of responsibility and excellent music selections make him the perfect choice for any wedding event! Jay is a breath of fresh air in the Maui DJ market.”

With Warm Aloha, -Cherise Vonae Shulman, The Perfect Wedding

“I have had the pleasure to work with DJ Boomshot on many weddings over the past years. He is one of the best in his field, is client centered and plays excellent music. Our whole staff loves Jay! I recommend him for weddings, events, and all musical DJ needs. Our clients are always happy working with DJ Boomshot.”

-Blue Sky Weddings

“Love Maui Weddings has had the pleasure of working alongside DJ Boomshot on a number of weddings over the years. Each time he has “wowed” the crowd and provided the ultimate backdrop of music, fun and excitement for a great dance party. Clients have commented how easy he has been to work with on their song lists and music choices before their big day. He is such a nice guy that one bride commented that IF she had a daughter that she’d want to hire him again! We highly recommend him.”

-Vickie, Dolphin Dream Weddings

“Our wedding night was wonderful and it made it more special to have a DJ who really kicked it off.  I know they say music is everything, but when you have a dj who incorporates your songs as well as to feel the crowd… it just makes everything great.  Dj Boomshot is one of those people.  Not only did he have everyone on the dance floor, but we were all just grooving to everything he played – it was fantastic.  If I had to do it all again, I would just want to extend it much longer.  It was too short!!!  At least, we will always look back on how special that day was and what a great time we all had dancing! Thanks again Mr. DJ!”
– Dirk and Susan McGregor, Santa Monica, CA

“ It’s been a while, but we recently received our video/pictures so we’ve been “reliving” the day! We just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful dj service you provided at our wedding. We heard just about every song we had requested and it really made our day special, hearing the songs that we love so much. The sound was great and you kept everything low key – which was perfect for us.

Everyone kept commenting on the music during dinner and dancing and we really had such a great time! Thanks again for making our day so special and for the incredibly professional job you did.“

– Mahalo! Dawn & Mike

“Thank you so much for doing an amazing job at our wedding. I’m sorry I didn’t get to talk to you more… It was a pretty busy night 😉 We had so much fun and so did our guests. It was fun to see everyone dancing and getting crazy. Thanks again, you did a great job.”

– Talk to you soon, Aloha, Serena and Scott

“BOOMSHOT rocked it! He played various styles of music & jams per our tastes and kept everyone at the party on the dance floor and feeling great throughout! He was also very professional, polite, and went out of his way to work with us and our needs for our particular event. BIG TIME RECOMMEND!!!”


“DJ Boomshot made the night special for all! It was a diverse gathering, folks of all ages and tastes, and the music flowed freely through eras and genres, and as the evening wore on the dance floor moved and grooved as desired. Throughout the event guests were raving about the DJ, and after all was said and done many folks remembered the party for the music as much as anything else.

His rates were competitive and just, load in and out convenient, polite and flexible. Jay treated everybody with enthusiasm and respect, and the equipment was top notch.He’ll be our guy again next time we throw something special, and I highly recommended him for your next special event!”

– Brian

“Jay/ DJ Boomshot was super easy to work with. Instead of a whole play list we gave an outline of what we wanted and a few specific songs and he came through flawlessly. We wanted to make sure the old and young folks alike could all get down and that’s what happened. He played every song/artist/genre we wanted to hear. No corny wedding songs. I am a DJ and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome or person to work with. We’d recommend Jay to anyone.”
– Klaus and Jenn Gosma, Seattle, WA

“I got married in Maui in August of 2005. In finding a DJ for my wedding, I was looking for a DJ that would be able to make announcements throughout the reception as well as play music that keeps our guests entertained. After talking to my reception coordinator she requested Jay. A few months before the wedding I met with Jay and I was impressed with his song list and not to mention his experience. He has been a DJ at many weddings as well as concerts and clubs. We only requested a few songs and I left the rest to him. During the reception he was able to play the exact type of music that would fit the mood and allow the guests to enjoy themselves. For instance, when it was time to dance he was able to get everyone on their feet! It was a great party and after the wedding all my guests complimented on how well our DJ was at our reception. I highly recommend Jay for any upcoming weddings. He is the best!

Michelle Dienzo

“We thought Jay was great. I liked that he played a great mix of music, and we loved the fact that he did not talk too much or try to make it all about him. He was perfect.”

– Stephanie & Bryan

“We LOVE DJ Boomshot! He keeps the party going and has all the best music! He rocks!”

-Erica Goldsmith, Couture Events

“Jay was amazing!! He was very professional, was on time, easy to work with, and listened to our request for music style. He hit everything right on the money. He really took our party to the next level. Our friends and family could not say enough great things about the music that night. I can’t wait to use his services again at our future events. Much gratitude for making our special day a huge success.”

– Heather

“Jay really made our wedding the best it could have been. He helped create such an awesome vibe and got everyone dancing. He was able to mix in my must plays with other requested genera’s of music. He did this seamlessly and created such a great atmosphere that my guests are still talking about how great the music was. Jay made planning the set list and what we wanted to hear very easy which was nice with all the stress that can happen leading up to a wedding. He was open to any of our suggestions, listened and really understood what we were looking for. I would highly recommend him for any wedding or celebration. Thanks again Jay!”


“Jay was amazing to work with! He provided us with a customization form which made the planning process so easy! People don’t emphasize enough how important music at your wedding is and how much time it takes to plan (we really appreciated this form)! We had quite a few song requests as we definitely wanted everyone up and dancing but also wanted a mix of some slower songs to make it feel romantic and intimate as well! He took all our requests and added in some great choices as well on his part. Completely nailed the vibe we were going for! He had the whole crowd dancing all night, and it will be a night I remember for the rest of my life! It can be hard planning a wedding from so far away and trusting that the vendors are everything you hope for, Jay exceeded our expectations and we would absolutely recommend using him! Thanks Jay!!“

-Brittany & Ryan

“DJ Boomshot was so easy to work with. He was recommended through our wedding planner but really gave us the attention we were looking for. I told the vibe I wanted our wedding to have and he made sure that it happened. Our guests spent the majority of the night on the dance floor. He listened to our song requests and played each one we wanted to hear. He provided the best soundtrack to our magical day.”


“This DJ was booked through hotel wedding manager and just wanted to say he was great!”


“I loved working with DJ Boomshot! He was very organized and thorough. He was beyond my expectations of what a DJ service could/should provide. He was one of the very last people to leave my wedding. Even my bridal party was long gone while DJ Boomshot helped the other vendors and my wedding planner clean up and make sure everything was taken care of. I am still in disbelief that he would spend that much of his extra time with us. He did a wonderful job putting together a playlist even with my unusual requests such as Indian songs. I even changed my bouquet toss song at the last minute and he got up from the middle of his dinner to make sure he had it downloaded and ready to go! I highly recommend DJ Boomshot. He truly is a good guy and I am so happy he was a part of our special day!”

– Ritu

“DJ Boomshot (Jay) was so great to work with! He’s easy going and responsive, making the planning process a breeze. Not only is he a talented DJ, but a great MC. He managed the flow of the reception PERFECTLY, which made the whole night run smoothly. Lots of fun with DJ Boomshot!”

– Lynnea

“DJ Jay/Boomshot was recommended to is by our WC for our wedding last November at the Olowalu Plantation House. He was very easy to work with and set up without any questions or issues. He worked with our emcees and provided their mics, provided beautiful up lighting and played background music during the wedding that wasn’t too loud or out of place.
The dancing got cut a little short because we ran behind schedule but still DJ Jay was able to get everyone out on the dance floor! We didn’t have any specific music in mind, just stuff that was fun and would get people to dance. Honestly I was scared no one would go out and dance but I think everyone had a really great time. (Even my parents who hardly ever dance!)
Thanks so much DJ Jay for making our wedding day so perfect!”

– Michelle

“DJ Boomshot was a great time! With our guests we danced the night away! He was very friendly and professional to work with. He worked well with the performers we had at Makena Beach & Golf resort and is a preferred vendor with resort. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you very much for being our DJ!”

– Christy

“Jay aka DJ Boomshot was nothing short of amazing for our wedding. From start to finish, he was engaged with what type of music we wanted to make our day special. He must have a fantastic library of music to choose from as we had a specific type of music that we were looking for at the cocktail reception and he delivered exactly what we were looking for. We asked him to play music after dinner that would get people dancing which resulted in a packed dance floor all night long. I would highly recommend DJ Boomshot to anyone looking to make sure that the music at their wedding or any type of event is the best of the best.”

– Tom

“Definitely the most talented DJ on Maui and one of the best I’ve ever heard. He was a huge part of our wedding’s success. I’m a professional musician myself and everyone along with all my musician buddies at the wedding were thoroughly impressed by Boomshot’s performance. Very professional and easy to work with as well. I’ll be looking to catch another show of his next time I’m on the island.”


“Jay was our wedding DJ and he did a great job. My wife and I told him the songs we liked and he played them.He offered several suggestions and he understood our style and he played music that was appropriate to our style. I’m not sure what music style Jay likes because he listened to what we asked for and he provided it for us. Jay was very good at timing the music for the different moments that occurred during our reception. Many thanks to Jay for making our event unforgettable and fun. BTW- he’s also priced competitively and that’s unusual when it comes to weddings!”

– Philip

“DJ Boomshot is exceptional at what he does. For our wedding, we had a mix of Arabic, Persian, Top 40 and Latin music. DJ Boomshot did a great job seamlessly mixing the tracks and queing them up so the music only got better as the night progressed. Also, he was very accessible and easy to work with. He and I spoke before the wedding about all the details and it was very clear that DJ Boomshot takes pride in the work that he does. He is also a great MC. I highly recommend DJ Boomshot’s services to anyone. I was told he was the best DJ in Maui and I believe it and can see why.”

“Jay provided the DJ services for our wedding at the Olowalu Plantation House and were impressed from the beginning. Jay has a relaxed approach that makes you feel at ease immediately. We didn’t have a lot of specific music requests, just enough to keep people on the dance floor and having a good time. Our guests are still raving about how great the music turned out and we had a great time tearing it up on the dance floor, which was exactly what we wanted for our wedding day. Jay is professional but easy going and made the planning process for our wedding as stress-free as possible!”


“Jay was extremely pleasant and easy to work with from start to finish. He replied to all my emails and answered every question or concerns in a timely matter. For me, music was the most important aspect of the wedding. We discussed about the type of music that should be and should not be played. I sent him a very specific playlist for both the ceremony and reception. I also had a few special requests whereas music editing was involved. Jay handled it no problem, sent back the edited tunes for our approval. He was also able to provide us with some difficult tunes to find. Jay had access to all the music we asked for. He even suggested and played music that very well matched our music selection.

Jay was very professional. He provided the best in Reggae/Island/Classic Soul/Nu-Soul. His performance far exceeded our expectations. He MC’d the event perfectly, his mixing skills were fluid (not just play, cut, and then play next song), the equipment was top notch, and the sound quality was excellent. Jay was set, ready, and had music playing as soon as everyone arrived. The ceremonial music was perfect and he made the reception live. He had all our guests dancing, celebrating and enjoying the good vibes. They complimented on how great he was and requested a copy of the playlist. It was good to know that he was into the event and not just another gig he got hired for. Thanks Jay! You made our day fun, live and exciting with the music you provided! Great vibes! Best Set!”

– Rennard

“Most wonderful DJ! DJ Boomshot really made our night happen.. we will never forget how much fun we had on our wedding night! Everyone from our wedding still always talks about how much fun they as well. Everyone was dancing and just completely enjoying themselves. Communication before the event was so easy. Everything we requested DJ Boomshot followed perfectly! He was such a huge part in keeping the event going from one stage to the next and took so much stress off of us so we could enjoy the night.

If we ever need a DJ again for any event, we will definitely go with DJ Boomshot again!!!”


“Dj Boomshot was AWESOME. We hired him for our wedding and we were super impressed with his professionalism. He did exactly what he said he’d do, and was very go with the flow when the plans changed last minute- on cue and ready to go!! He played a GREAT mix of hawaiian/ pacific-reggae during dinner (which we requested and is an obscure genre, so we were really happy he was familiar with what we like!!). After dinner, he had the whole party dancing on the lawn all night! He had a great way of reading the crowd and keeping the play list exciting and flowing. I can’t say enough great things about DJ Boomshot!! Thanks for the great memories!”

– Cassandra

“ We are very happy to have chosen Jay of DJ Boomshot as our DJ. He certainly helped us to wrap up our wedding night on a very high note. He is very responsive and easy to work with from the very beginning of our planning and really took in our ideas. On the night of, he is also quick in changing the music according to the mood and participation of guests on the dance floor. We would highly recommend DJ Boomshot.”

– Kelly & Sean

“He was absolutely incredible. Played all my favorite songs and did exactly what I asked him to. He was so easy going. Every single person at the wedding was on the dancefloor!”
– Justa

“My wife and I got married in Maui at Sugarman Estate, with around 60 guests, and DJ Boomshot did a fantastic job as our DJ for the evening. We, and our guests, were very happy with his service. He incorporated some suggested tunes from us into a mix of his own, and the result was great. He catered to the young and old, and in-between, and really kept the party going until it was time to go. Lousy music can really spoil a wedding reception, and so we wanted to make sure we chose well. DJ Boomshot was a perfect choice. A cool guy who knows his stuff – you can’t go wrong by hiring him for your wedding.”


“We had DJ Boomshot perform at our wedding and he was great! All of our friends and family are always on the dance floor whenever there is one around, and the DJ did an awesome job of keeping people dancing all night! He had a perfect mixture of genres for the crowd, which is tough making everyone happy! He was also great as an MC, which is really important to keep the wedding moving and making sure everything gets done such as speeches, bouquet toss, etc. Thanks again for an awesome dance party!”

– Amanda & Patrick

“DJ Boomshot was excellent. Arranged via Hyatt Grand Regency in Lahaina Maui for our wedding. My second, her first. We grew up in the 80’s and DJ Boomshot nailed the hits as we expected. Frank Sinatra was for my father — he and I have done it our way. Nothing but the best. Great mix, great transitions. Used the mic’s for the toasts – great extra. Sound was crisp and right volume. Excellent overall experience. Totally recommend for anybody’s type of event. Value proposition is just due to unknown. Did not compare. Did miss one song – Get the Party Started at beginning. Don’t care. Go big or go home is how we roll. Well played, well played!”

– Kevin


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